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new balance sale uk 4920 San Felipe St Houston Dear Brucettes,I want to thank you for letting me into your store 5 minutes before you closed. Knowing it was your sandal sale, I wanted to come and get a nice pair of sandals that i fell in love with after seeing it on my sister in law. I also want to thank you for hiring this one particular cashier (Babacar) who helped me search for another pair of shoes. His patience, professional demeanor and great attitude is what excellent customer service is about. Happy Feet Pros: Great SelectionAlthough Brucettes has enjoyed all that success has afforded it as a business and the owner has prospered there is NO REASON to be RUDE. A friend of mine and her daughters experienced, first hand, how when success is granted to some it can go to their head. It is the customer that afford Lewis Hoffman of Brucettes to have multiple locations, employees, and provide financial security for the owner. So my advise to him (Lewis Hoffman), would be STAY IN THE BACK, and allow your trained, kind and respectful staff serve your customers. You may not need one woman business, but you do need multiple women business. If you are as RUDE to all your customers as you were to my friend, in the presence of her children I am almost sure your feeling of being untouchable would soon fade. Never Forget, that those you pass going up will be the ones you pass going down. Your business is built on people so treat them with respect. The gent that I dealt with, while being a little rough around the edges and selling every shoe as most comfortable shoe you can buy was patient and kept his sense of humor while bringing me shoe after shoe in both wide and medium as the width changes from manufacturer to manufacture. While also working with other customers he watched me and noted shoes I admired and when he came back with the shoes I had sent him for he also bring, in wide and medium, the shoes he saw me admire. If the shoe I liked wasn available in my size, he bring another that resembled them very closely. I was IMPRESSED at his patience and hope he got a BIG commission on my sale (bought 2 pair one HE brought that was on sale 1/2 off by the way and was within my criteria If shoes had always been this easy to buy, THAT FIT RIGHT, and all salesmen had been as attentive as Bill Pettis, I would not have severe spurs, ingrown toe nails and fallen arches! You get what you give ladies and I was determined to have fun choosing shoes and Bill caught that and joined me! A++