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new balance shoes made in uk A Banner is Unfurled In the newest novel of the popular "A Banner is Unfurled" series, Marcie Gallacher and Kerri Robinson capture the period from 1834 to 1837 of the Julia and Ezekiel Johnson family's life of tragedy, trial, faith and endurance. "Glory from on High," based on the real life of the Johnson family, evokes empathy from readers as it covers the family's experiences as Mormons in Kirtland, Ohio, during the trying early years of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. Gallacher and Robinson discovered Julia's history and became intrigued by her story when they found out she was one of very few women who owned land during that time. As they searched further into her family, they discovered that the Johnsons were very intimately involved in some significant early events in the church. The series' title, "A Banner is Unfurled," comes from the wellknown LDS hymn "High on a Mountain Top," which was written by Julia's oldest son, Joel Hills Johnson. The book begins by relating the happy day when nervous Julianne Johnson prepares for her wedding. At the same time, however, older brother Seth's cough worsens while his body weakens with consumption. Seth stays faithful until the end, though, preaching the word of God until he can no longer stand. Even upon his deathbed, he calls each member of his family to a private meeting and shares his testimony of the heaven awaiting him. The Johnsons mourn in their different ways. Julia looks to the teachings and revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith for comfort, while Ezekiel turns to alcohol, blaming Seth's death on the Johnsons' foolish sacrifices to the newly established church. Ezekiel isn't the only one questioning the truthfulness of the church and the prophet's revelations. Doubt grows as members suffer the hardship of death, ridicule, internal conflict and the impact of significant economic turbulence. Grandison Newel and others against the Prophet which come to include original members of the Quorums of the Twelve and Seventy band together, threatening to ruin the Prophet's reputation and end his life. But Julia's faith never dwindles, and even her soninlaw, Lyman Sherman, vows to do whatever it takes to defend the prophet's reputation even if that means destroying something of great value to Joseph. Even after the decision comes for Ezekiel to move out of the house, happiness can still be felt: Julianne brings her first child into the world, Benjamin and other Johnson brothers are baptized, and the family works with other members to complete the Kirtland Temple. Yet Julia finds herself wondering if the suffering will ever end, especially after she loses two more children, daughters Susan and Nancy, to consumption. Another of Julia's daughters, Almera, is shaken by her sisters' deaths. Fearing that she will lose her chance at a husband and family like they did, she rushes into a marriage, only to painfully discover that it might be leading her down a worse road than that of her sisters. But when it feels like world is coming down upon her and she has nothing left to live for, Julia realizes that the "wounded hands of the Lord Jesus Christ" are what will lift her up and carry her through this life. After coming to that knowledge and witnessing a sacred vision, Julia is strengthened and able to "take her family forward in faith."