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new balance running shoes 2013 Life Traverse City Record THE LATEST ADDITION TO THE ZOO in Hannah Park came in the shape of a fawn, which arrived yesterday morning. LARGE CLASS RECEIVED SPLENDID GAIN SHOWN BY CENTRAL M E CHURCH. On Sunday morning, June 8th, at 10:30 o'clock, after a good musical program by the choir including a vocal solo by Miss Edith Reubekam and a violin solo by James Butler, Rev. McKee baptized 33 persons and received into church membership a class of 35, this brings the number of new members up to 78 since conference and 160 since Rev. McKee came to the church as pastor making the grand total of membership over 500. LANDED IN LOCKUP. Theodore Whiteford, a resident of Bates, started in to clean up on a bunch of men in a liverly barn last night with the result that he found himself in the city lockup. Whiteford had been drinking and was in a fighting mood when he happened upon the men. A hurryup call was sent to police headquarters and Patrolmen Scheider and Ross went to the barn and escorted Whiteford to the station. Whiteford has been in trouble several times before. Last winter he was arrested for leaving an unblanketed horse out of doors and he has been taken care of at other times by the police. He appeared in Judge Birdsalll's court this morning and paid a fine and costs of four dollars. SETTLE SUITS AGAINST CITY. Commission and State Bank reach agreement. At the regular weekly meeting of the commission last night, a large part of the time was taken up in arriving at a settlement with Cashier A. J. Maynard of the State Bank in regard to the cases that had been started in the circuit court by the bank against the city, on account of an over assessment which was levied on bank property. These cases have been pending since 1911, and none of them have ever come to trial. The bank officials were in a mood to effect a settlement. The first point taken up was a tax of $910.15 which had been paid by the bank in 1911 on an assessment which was claimed to be $33,700. This was too high on account of a clerical error, and the balance on what the bank claimed to be an over assessment of $15,000 on the bank property during the following years. Mr. Maynard proposed that if the city would refund the $910.15, admitted it as an over assessment, and pay the costs of the two suits, that an agreement could be reached by which the bank would drop the cases against the city. This proposition at first sight looked good to the commissioners, but Commissioner Rickerd did not think that the commission would be carrying out the wishes of the people by such a settlement, and after a long argument it was decided to make a tender of $910.15 to the bank, together with interest on the money and the costs of the two suits, and this was carried. Later in the evening, Mr. Maynard made a second proposition to accept from the city the sum of $825, and drop the suits already under way. This proposition was accepted by the commission and the incident closed.