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new balance 996 A buyer's guide to comfortable footwear Believe it or not, a 150pound person walking just one mile exerts a force of 63.5 tons on a single foot, according to an American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) study. That's why making sure your feet are protected by good walking shoes is important before you take a single step, according to the APMA experts. Selecting the correct shoe for your foot type can be paramount in preventing footrelated injuries when starting a walking routine. The right athletic shoe can also reduce the risk of accelerating and aggravating many foot deformities. According to the APMA, the ideal walking shoe should be stable from side to side, wellcushioned, and it should enable you to walk smoothly. Many running shoes fit all of these criteria well. For most people, running shoes work fine in their walking regimen. However, there are specialty walking shoes. Footwear designed for walking tends to be slightly less cushioned, yet not as bulky, and lighter than running shoes. The most important factor to consider, whether you are wearing walking or running shoes, is that it must feel stable, say the experts. And they add that buying shoes is the only real expenditure necessary for walking, so treat yourself. This is not the shopping trip to cut corners on your shoe budget. Lastly, if you have bunions or other foot ailments, consult a foot specialist about the best shoe for you. After evaluating our feet, the group decided to test drive a few popular brands and share our thoughts. Below is our analysis. All sneakers are courtesy of Shoe Station. New Balance 993 New Balance 993 Boasting the brand's crafted perfection, this shoe has the addition of new technologies like unbelievable midsole comfort and a softer heel strike. The shoe also has improved heeltotoe transition, forefoot flexibility, and is lighter in weight. By far, my colleagues loved this shoe best of all. They raved about its comfort and ability to perform in any activity from aerobics and walking to jogging. This shoe cuddles the feet and conforms to your foot shape. It feels like walking on a cloud. It isn't the prettiest sneaker we've ever seen more color options for adults would be great. But as far as we are concerned, this is our fave! ($129.99)Skechers ShapeUps This new design claims you can strengthen your lower half, firm your abs, improve your posture, and burn extra calories just by wearing the shoe around. It basically works by putting you off balance. The bottom of the shoe is curved, so your muscles are constantly working to keep you balanced and centered. My colleagues and I agree, this one definitely gives your legs and thigh muscles a workout, just by strolling around in it. The ShapeUp is soft and flexible, but feels like you are walking in highheeled sneakers. The curvy sole takes some getting use to this shoe is a balancing act. ($99.99) New Balance Stability Walker 845 New Balance Stability Walker 845 This shoe is part of a longrunning series of New Balance walking shoes. The shoe is designed to help customers who suffer from foot ailments like heel spurs and fallen arches. Updated from the New Balance 844, the 845 is even lighter with more breathability and cushioning, and is intended to be able to hold up in marathon distance walks. My colleagues were most fond of the arch support and elastic bands inside that keep the sneaker's tongue in place. A great shoe for someone in need of arch support. ($99.99) Live at 9 with Kevin Scarbinsky: Can Auburn measure up to Ole Miss?Senate kills spending bill amendments, midnight shutdown looming (live stream, tweets, poll)Three reasons why Ole MissAuburn is a big game.