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new balance factory outlet A beautiful jewel of a world concert from Lehigh Choral Arts By Steve Siegel Special to The Morning Call During the 8th through 15th centuries in the Andalusia region of Southern Spain, Christians, Jews and Muslims forged a relatively stable coexistence, sharing each other's architecture, art, and science, and music. On Friday evening at the Zoellner Arts Center, Lehigh University Choral Arts, directed by Steven Sametz, explored that unique confluence in a hauntingly beautiful program of music and song called "Jewel at the Center of the Earth" The program, which will be repeated tonight Oct. 27 was in two parts. The first focused on medieval cultural melding in Andalusia, and opened with a set of cantigas (canticles) by Alfonso El Sabino ("The Wise"), performed by the LU Choral Arts and Glee Club. The cantigas ranged from the silly (a prayer to Mary to restore a missing lamb chop during a meal) to the sublime (an exuberant processional honoring Mary's holiness). The LU groups accompanied by the Philadelphiabased Takht ensemble AlBustan, a fivemember group performing on both traditional Arabic instruments and conventional Western strings. It would be difficult to imagine a lovelier example of cultural collision than Sametz's arrangement of Psalm 114, with verses sung alternately in Hebrew and Latin. By layering Gregorian and medieval Jewish melodies and languages over each other, Sametz ultimately blurred the differences between them, magically making them one. Spanish and Hebrew mingled in the Ladino folksong "Tsur Mishelo,"a poignant love song that morphs into the Hebrew prayer at the end of a meal. Syrian soprano Lubana al Quntar was the vocal soloist in a set of three traditional Andalusian melodies called Mushshawats. The songs were an engaging mix of lively instrumentals with expressive vocals. The instrumental sections were amazingly virtuosic, especially an astounding solo on the doumbek, a conical Arabic drum. Quntar's rendering of painful yearning in what are essentially love songs was almost visceral. Sung in Arabic, Hebrew, and Spanish, one did not need to understand the words to feel her anguished passion. The second half of the program demonstrated contemporary cross cultural exchange. "Hot Tea, Mint, and Olives" is a setting by Syrianborn composer Kareem Roustom of three poems by the Palestinian poet Ibtisam Barakat. Sung by the LU women's ensemble Dolce, these were simple, charming pieces with a subtle Middle Eastern flavoring. Violinist Timothy Schwarz, head of the string department at Lehigh University, gave a stunning performance of Sametz's "Fantasia on Lama bada yatathanna," based on a wellknown traditional Arabic tune and combining Middle Eastern techniques with traditional Western styles. Sametz's "Three Mystical Choruses," sung by the LU Choir and Choral Union, is a crosscultural melding of three religious texts sung in Hindi, Spanish, and Hebrew. The Hindi song "Meto tere paas me" shimmered like ripples on still water, "Nino de rosas," in Spanish, resounded with the reverence and warmth of Quntar's rich soprano, and the Hebrew "Ein kelohenu" was gentle and caressing, its harp accompaniment giving an additional celestial lift. The concert ended with the rich chromaticism of the powerful finale to Roustom's sixpart oratorio "Son of Man," based on text by Kahlil Gibran. The massive work evokes a sense of epic drama, with regalsounding flourishes of timpani, trumpet fanfares and chimes. Increased Endurance and Stamina With every extra pound added to ones weight, you reduce the ability to do every day activities because you become tired or winded. Effective ways to lose weight fast Tip 4If your 5 best friends are slim and fit and you surround yourself with slim people, then there only 1 of 2 things that can happen. Access Materials QualityThere are two basic dehydrator designs: Stackable Tray Dehydrators; and Shelf Tray Dehydrators.