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new balance 420 A break from the norm Recently I've been coming across more and more information with regards to running shoes that support a natural running style, ie running on the balls of your feet (rather than coming down on your heels like current running shoes promote). over pronation etc. I've got a pair of Nike free shoes for general day to day mooching about in. Whilst they're comfy and light, they're not right for running any great distances in tbh, despite the marketing ploys used. Suppose it depends upon your budget, foot shape / width, amount of support needed etc. Have read other articles recently that offer a lot of cynicism regarding the need for expensive shoes. Each to their own of course, but I've found that decent shoes have helped me. i wear the vibram five finger KSOs to help me transition to barefoot running. USeful in winter too, or when the terrain is too tough for fully barefoot. I like them for the gym to doing oly lifts, though they don't fork very well in the rowers. When I'm running I usually go fully barefoot, I find the vibrams can give me blisters on hilly terrain. Now that it's warm out it's a great chance to go running barefoot outdoors. My top tip for running it to crouch down a tiny bit, and land softly and on your forefront. The slower you go the more of your heel you can use, but this should be at the end of the motion only. Expect sore calves for a couple of weeks.