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new balance athletic shoes case study analysis a fashion leader for more than half a century and creator of the renowned Coty Awards consider The Reagans, as usual, influenced the world. Princess Diana and Jacqueline Onassis influenced their generations. Ungaro was the top fashion influence via his shirred short dresses. . . . I have always believed in formfitting, unlayered clothes, stopping at any extremes. Comfort is chic. Modern women will not accept discomfort. . . . I regret to say that Dallas'' and Dynasty'' have created false ideals of beauty and fashion, with an excess of makeup, jewelry, and general vulgarity. . . . To me the eternal fashion color is white. It always looks fresh, and mixes with everything. . . . I believe in classic clothes and simple ornaments as fine as possible. No excesses. Carole Hochman (lingerie designer, Christian Dior, Chevette) The people who most influenced fashion in 1985 were Nancy Reagan (for her red), Prince Charles (for symbolizing the young executive look), and Don Johnson for showing the best in casual menswear. . . . Tight fit will stay, because stretch fabrics will help to make them wearable. . . . The beauty ideal will be lean but softly curved. Neat heads and tailored elegance will be glamorized by fine classic jewelry. Danny Noble The most influential individual in 1985 fashion was Claude Montana. He gave us the wideshouldered, narrow hipped, curvalinear silhouette that will continue through the '80s. . . . The job of every designer is to achieve the right balance in a new silhouette so that it can be worn by everybody. . . . The ideal beauty is not a body but a personality. Today's ideal woman has . . . grace and wit regardless of her physical size or features. . . . The net hit fashion color will be navy blue, across the board. . . . We must not let the next word after simple'' and classic'' be boring.'' I see excitement coming through new balance between narrow and full. Pauline Trigere The most admired man of 1985 [was] Malcolm Forbes, the elderly publisher who keeps young by flying in a balloon, and sailing on his yacht, a toy museum. . . . Most imitated (unfortunately), the actress Joan Collins. . . . Tight clothes do nothing for a woman except show bones or bumps. But I certainly don't like bag lady looseness either. Always keep a happy medium. . . . There is no ideal'' beauty today. To each her own realization of her best points. . . . Red is THE color for this and every year. Even a touch of red makes for a happier day. . . . Simple, classic clothes are never out of style. Miguel Cruz (Italian designer) No one person dictated world fashion in 1985. People are too dedicated to designing their own look'' . . . Nineteen eightysix style will be a blend of fluidity and fit that will be bodyrevealing, but not difficult to wear. . . . Mystery will be more fashionable, with sexiness played down. . . . The more delicate, smallboned woman will be the ideal beauty. . . . I see tones of grey with bright accents as fashionable in 1986. Akira The Prince and Princess of Wales were the most influential personalities. . . . Loose clothes will never go out of style, but they will be cut to lie against the body. Otherwise it's the corset, and I doubt women will go back that far. . . . I think the intellectual type is the new feminine ideal. . . . Hats will be very important this year, but we have overdone the accessories. Alta Leath (Altomar Jewels) The Princess of Wales and TV programs like Dynasty'' have had great fashion influence, good and bad. The Princess is still trying to find her own look, looking too matronly one time and too girlish the next. Dynasty'' is glamorous, but tasteless. . . . Clothes that are too tight or too loose are what what women want. They want new clothes new ways to look pretty. . . . The beauty ideal of 1986 will still be a pretty face, a good figure, and perfect grooming. Height and more or less curves don't matter. . . . Royal blue and emerald green will be the new fashion colors. . . . The word classic'' now has a personal meaning to many, many women who have learned how to choose new looks with staying power for several years. Mary McFadden Famous couples had the greatest fashion influence in 1985. The Reagans, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Madonna, and Sean Penn, Sylvester Stallone, and Brigette Nielsen, and most recently Michael and Diana Douglas. . . . The 1986 silhouette will stay as it is, but just a bit softer. No drastic change. . . . I see the beauty ideal as continuing lean, athletic, and quite boyish/girlish. . . . The color purple will be biggest next year. . . . Classic, simple shapes will go on into the 21st century. Ruffles and overemphasis on gaudy, badquality glitz have been a glut on the fashion market. Barry KieselsteinCord (jewelry designer)